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L&O UK: 1x07 Alesha

Second time attempting to post this.... lets see if the cut tags work this time!!!

OK, I can now see why ITV gave out warnings before the ep began and also before it came back from each commercial break.... some of those scenes were very, very tough to watch.

The doctor was a creepy so-and-so.... just the almost smirk when he was found not guilty gave me the chills.

I thought Freema did a great job in this ep - what I especially liked about the ep as a whole was that it went more into the characters than other eps of this season, and definitely more than any other L&O show I've ever seen. (And I think I've been fairly upfront about the fact that I could never get into any of the American versions, not even for Jesse L. Martin!)

There's been little hints of flirtation between Matt and Alesha throughout the series, and that paid off here. Okay, nothing happened between them, but with the amount of times Matt kept on saying "But it's Alesha!" and the whole way he acted around her... I thought Jamie did a stellar job. The read I've always had on them is that Matt was the one who keeps on flirting, but that if anything was to come of it Alesha would have him wrapped around her little finger.

I can't wait for the next ep.... why couldn't they run the whole 13 eps together instead of waiting us wait until September for the back 6??

TV3 (Irish channel) show this ep tomorrow night at 10.... I may have to do a second watch (of course, I could download it, if my internet wasn't being SO BLOODY SLOW!!!!)

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