January 13th, 2015


and how is your morning going??

Was running slightly late for work this morning due to frost; needn't have worried as when I got to site (after battling thru oddly heavier than normal traffic!) it turns out the site has been evacuated and no-one is being allowed in!

Rang my manager who said they thought it was a gas leak; but the media is reporting a "security alert" as allegedly a bomb threat was rung in at 6.30 this morning.


So am sat across the road in my car waiting on word..... How are all your mornings going???

ETA: According to post on Twitter, bomb threat confirmed, army bomb squad on site and searching now. Fuck.

ETA2: it's beginning to snow!! I could not make this up!!


So, turns out it was actually a bomb threat :-(

We were allowed back onto the site at about 9.30, but only the office areas and canteens had been opened (it'd be heading to breaktime at that point, and we'd all be out in the cold for the better half of two hours or more).So at least I was able to get to my desk, dump my bag and laptop, and head to the canteen so that I could defrost with a cup of tea!.

But the lads weren't able to get to their work areas on site for another two hours, so they just had to sit there..... and because their clock-in machines are at their work location, they hadn't clocked in, which meant the safety team wound up going around all the canteens with sign in sheets getting our lads to sign them so we knew (a) who is actually on site and (b) pay them accordingly!!

I wouldn't call it scary as such; but it was very unsettling - we didn't really know what was happening, info was slow to trickle around. We're now debating all the ways that security is going to be beefed up here, because it has to be after this!!