September 22nd, 2014


SCD - The Launch Show

Have had this written since a couple of days after the launch show, might actually be an idea to post it before the series starts on Friday!!

Before we get to the pairings, some random thoughts on the launch show itself:
The farewell to Brucie dance, with all the pros ending in his signature pose, was really nicely done. I know not everyone liked him and he probably stayed a few years longer than he should have, but this was a nice send-off for him.
Loved, loved LOVED Tess and Claudia together. Truly the dream team.
Am going to miss James Jordan as a pro dancer (I know that's something if an unpopular opinion!) And why why WHY is Aliona back? They fired her last year only to bring her back when Natalie got injured; given the way she behaved with Tony Jacklin and some of her comments afterward I was hoping she'd stay gone! (And the fact that they got rid of Anya for her is just bonkers).
Artemis is someone I'm not going to miss, as his inability / unwillingness to choreograph the dance he was supposed to was working my last nerve. Plus we got the lovely Irish Tristan instead of him, so this is a Good Trade!!
As far as the musical guests went, tumblr went bananas over 5 Seconds to Summer; I squee'd over Imelda May and Smokey Robinson! Honestly, if they could get her go stop touring off the amount if time it'd take, I'd love to see Imelda as a contestant on Strictly - love her!
And now, onto the pairings!!
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