June 1st, 2014


Huge SCD news!!

Via twitter....

James & Artem out! (GUTTED about James. Not so much Artem - his refusal to choreograph the dances he was meant to was driving me bonkers!)

Natalie Lowe back!

Anya back as part of choreography team but not as a pro! (Boo to this, she was amazing last year with Patrick but at least we'll still see her)

Two new dancers - Joanne Clifton and TRISTAN McMANUS!!!!!!

I swear, when I saw Tristan's name I shrieked with delight (thank god the house was empty!!) Love him from DWTS, but he never got a fair shake on that show celeb-wise, here's hoping he does really well on SCD!!


Why God Why??

Second post, as I can't work out how to edit the previous one on the iPhone app...

Aliona is also back.


They sacrifice Anya and bring back Aliona???? WTF are TPTB smoking???