May 10th, 2014


Really good news to wake up to...

The Beeb finally announced the new Strictly Come Dancing host last night - and as most of the fandom was hoping for, it's the Dream Team of Tess & Claudia!!

Full text of the press release is here:

I am so thrilled with this - they work brilliantly together on the results show, and the Saturday shows were Claudia filled in for Sir Bruce were some of last years best!


From one extreme to another...

Just saw on twitter.... according to the front page of tomorrow's Sunday People, Strictly have sacked James Jordan....

(Pic is of him and Ola, but given that there's been rumours of this all week, my money is on James being given the boot).

I'll be upset if this is actually true - this is possibly an unpopular opinion, but I like James - I like that he choreographs the dance he's actually meant to choreograph (Hi Artem!), I like that he sticks up for his partner and I love that he is so obviously head over heels in love with his wife.

And if this is true, and somehow Aliona is kept on the show, I'll be even more annoyed!!!