May 8th, 2014



I need to stop watching bubble shows...... hot off the presses, the CW has announced it's pick-ups for next year, and The Tomorrow People is not one of them.


Link to the Hollywood Reporter story is here

I was mostly expecting this, but after the finale I was really really hoping I was wrong! I mean the way it ended!!!!

What I need now is for Luke Mitchell and Madeleine Mantock to get cast together on a new show where they can just be sparkly and adorable together, can we make that happen? (Because God knows they were the best thing about this show!)

Worst Cancellation Ever?

So, myself and misssimm have been conversing in the comments of my last post, and I made the comment that the cancellation of The Tomorrow People, while bad, is nowhere near as bad as my most devastating TV cancellation ever, which was Jericho - so good they cancelled it TWICE!

Yep, 7 years later, and I am still bitter as......

Which begs the question f-list - what's your most devastating TV cancellation??