March 4th, 2013



Because I've just fallen down the rabbit hole that is this twitter hashtag, here's a few that immediately spring to mind....

+ Wash from Firefly"I am a leaf on the wind. Watch how I soar."

+ Jerry Barber, Rookie Blue

+ Melissa Bannon, Packed to the Rafters

+ Frankie Frame, Another World

+ Jen Linley, Dawson's Creek.

+ Lew in Flashpoint. Cannot watch "One Wrong Move" without sobbing

+ pretty much everyone they killed in Spooks, the last episode in particular still kills me!!

I reserve the right to edit this later.... Anyone got any they'd like to add?

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#FictionalDeathsIWillNeverGetOver - Take 2!!

On foot of misssimm's comments to my last entry, here's a few I realised I'd forgotten!!

+ From Guiding Light - Ross!!! Alan (evil, but his death was just so heartbreaking!) Coop. Jenna. Nadine.

+ Laura Avery on Knots Landing.

+ Felix Gaeta on BSG

+ Anyone who died on season 5 of 24, aka the season where they killed off most of the main cast!

+ Claire on McLeods Daughters. And Alex, near the end of the shows run. (Still so bitter about that one!)

I know there's more.... We could easily be going for Take 3 in the morning!!

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