August 14th, 2012


Soap stuff from twitter...

In what I found to be a surprise, Bill Bell Jnr has told TV Guide that Ridge will neither be killed off nor presumed dead, he's just going to be off the canvas for a while.

Here's the link:

He also says that Ridge will be back, so it looks like there's going to be a recast. Not too sure how I feel about that - Ronn Moss may not be the best actor in the world but he is Ridge Forrester.

Names have been mentioned for possible recasts, including Grant Aleksander (ex Philip, GL). All I can say is God help me, if that came to pass I would be all the way bank into this dreadful show!!

One way or another, i'll be YTing this!!

And on other I'm out then they pull me in news, Greg Vaughan has started taping his new role on Days of our Lives - he's playing Eric Brady (last played by Jensen Ackles) and judging by a pic that Kristian Alfonso tweeted over the last few days, he's now a priest! Link to the story with all the deets is here and the link to KA's pic is here

So, I suppose our next guessing game is who's going to tempt Eric from his vows??

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