May 22nd, 2012


Is it hometime yet?

So, its first thing in the morning, and I'm in the office, going through the mails that came in overnight and said I'd take a look online and see what people are saying about last nights DWTS finale. 

And I hear that Donald Driver did a country themed freestyle. 

To I Play Chicken With The Train by Cowboy Troy - who was there and performed. 

YT is blocked on our work PC's, and there are too many people around to watch this on the phone. I've seen gifs on Tumblr, but it's not the same!!!!!

Roll on 4pm!!!

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Have just seen Donald and Peta's freestyle.

Holy moly, that is how you do it!!! They tore up the floor!! (And my list is getting re-jogged again!!)

Here's the link for those who've not seen it (posting this from iPhone so apologies if it goes horribly wrong...)

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100 things - #2

So, after today's posts, there was really only 1 dance that I could put up for #2 - the freestyle that's still talked about 6 years later:

Drew & Cheryl's Freestyle - Save a Horse, Ride A Cowboy

This to me is everything that a freestyle should be - fast, full of content, and most importantly, FUN!!!

Here's the original dance in the finale:

And a better quality clip from when they reprised it in series 12: