February 7th, 2012


Drive by fic rec....

You Just Might Make It Home by waltzmatildah:

It's an amazing Rookie Blue fic that gives Luke a backstory and has him in an established relationship with Gail - amazingly well written, I could see the scenes playing out as I was reading!

As you can probably tell, Luke/Gail is my favourite pairing from the show at the moment (2.11 has a sin to answer for!) What am I going to do when season 3 comes on and blows this out of the water?!?!

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Maybe a sign of the Apocalypse....

Just saw an ad for Luck, the Dustin Hoffman, Dennis Farina, Nick Nolte show, as it's starting on Sky Atlantic soon.

I remember reading last week that it got picked for a second series - what I didn't realise is that Jason Gedrick is a regular cast member in the show!

Considering his rep as a showkiller (Sweet Justice, Boomtown, Windfall) this may just be a sign of the apocalypse!!

OK, Boomtown got a second season but it was only 6 eps and I don't think all of them
were actually aired. So that may not count....

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