September 7th, 2011


Fic Rec: we all have our scars

This just popped up on ye olde f-list and it is a great fic - Greys Anatomy / Private Practice crossover, pairing is Alex Karev and Amelia Sheppard and it really, really works! There are some lovely Alex/Addie touches as well, which I particularly enjoyed becuase I am still bitter they never got a fair shake on the show!

Go read!!

we all have our scars by duchessofavalon

God I love twitter

Especially on nights like this when it gives me awesome Emmerdale casting news!!

Simply put, Priya Sharma has been recast, Mama & Papa Sharma have been cast. They're coming to the village because of Jai's engagement to Charity and to help plan the wedding.

But the best bit is that Mama Sharma is being played by the fabulous Trudie Goodwin, best known as Sgt June Ackland from The Bill!!!!


The thought of Charity facing off against June Ackland is just too delicious!! (Because you know she's going to disapprove of Charity!)

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