August 2nd, 2011


I'm Just Sayin' .....

Have just spent the last two and a bit hours devouring Kim Zimmer's memoir I'm Just Sayin' : Three Deaths, Seven Husbands and a Clone - My Life as a Soap Opera Diva

If you are at all a fan of Guiding Light, you have simply got to read this book.

As you'd expect, there's a lot in it about the final days of GL, Kim doesn't mince her words when it comes to the subject of Ellen Wheeler, GL's Exec Producer for the last 5 years of it's life. On the other hand, she shares great anecdotes about a number of her co-stars, and there's a lovely chapter where she talks about co-stars who have since passed away (Beverlee McKinsey, Larry Gates, Chris Bernau and of course, the wonderful Michael Zaslow.)

Of course, there are stories she tells where she doesn't name names, but it's pretty obvious who she's talking about.... (the co-star who fell in love with every single one of her leading men was widely rumoured at the time....)

It's a hugely enjoyable read - cannot recommend it highly enough!

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