July 10th, 2011


So excited right now!!

Just got a phone call from helsinkibaby, who has booked tickets for us to go and see Brad Paisley, her favourite singer, when he plays Dubljns Olympia Theatre on August 19th.

She just printed off the tickets, and discovered who the support act is.


Ex lead singer of Hootie & the Blowfish, who is now forging a successful career as a country singer.

Who is also one of my all time favourite singers.

My reaction was something along the lines of "Eeeeeee!!!!! Squee!!!!' Eeeeeee!!!!!"

Am seriously so excited right now - having seen Hootie 3 times I know Darius puts on a brilliant show; plus the man was just born to sing - his voice is amazing!

Is it August 19th yet???

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