March 1st, 2011


DWTS s12 cast announcement

DWTS s12 cast announcement was made overnight - here are the names:

Sugar Ray Leonard (boxer)
Chelsea Kane (Disney star)
Romeo (hip hop artist)
Ralph Macchio (actor)
Petra Nemcova (model, well known for surviving the Boxing Day tsumani in Thailand)
Mike Catherwood (radio personality)
Kirstie Allie (Actress)
Wendy Williams (talk show host)
Chris Jericho (WWF)
Kendra Wilkinson (Reality star and Playboy bunny)
Hines Ward (NFL player)

TMZ has already spoiled some of the pairings, so click behind the cut if you want to know...

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Think I'll definitely be watching this season - I stopped s11 after 2 or 3 weeks, because it was blindingly obvious that Derek and Jennifer were going to win, and I just could not watch the judges fawning over him all season long. (If you've read this journal at all, you know I cannot stand him.) But this season looks wide open, there's no obvious frontrunner (ringer?)

Will be interested in seeing what Petra Nemcova is like - any interviews I've seen / read with her, she comes across really well. 

Plus some of my favourite pros are back (Kym!!! I missed her - absolutely loved her and Donny!)