January 14th, 2011


The Cape

Have just finished watching the first 2 eps of this show, and OMG I LOVES IT.

Its got a great lead in David Lyons (ET! sob!!!!), and Summer Glau is FINALLY allowed to emote! Supporting and guest cast are also great; especially liked Keith David as Max and Jennifer Ferrin as Dana.

Plus Raza Jaffrey (the beloved and much lamented Zaf in Spooks) has a guest spot in the second hour as Cain, the villain of the week, in which he wears the worst wig in the history of humankind! (At least, I think its a wig. I really, really, REALLY hope its a wig!!!)

Am really looking forward to seeing how the show pans out - then again, its gotten very mixed reviews so knowing my luck, it's gonna be cancelled sooner rather than later!