December 17th, 2010


Thank Crunchie It's Friday....

I've been battling a cold all week, and today is the first day that I've woken up and felt decent, as opposed to wading through cotton wool. This is a Good Thing.

Also discovered that Lady Antebellum have a Christmas CD out. How did I not know this??

Reading the f-list this morning, I discovered that Maks from DWTS is now appearing in the Ukrainian version of The Bachelor. *mind boggles* He posted a message on his forum about it - details are c&p'ed behind the cut to spare the uninterested....

Collapse )

Lastly, today is the Childrens Christmas Party at my work's head office, so myself and helsinkibaby  are bringing Nimoy into that, which should be good fun!! And the SCD Final is tomorrow night - can't wait!!