December 1st, 2010


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Didn't make it into work today - lots of snow this morning, and our road was extremely icy and snow-filled; my Dad struggled getting his car up the road and there's a bit of weight in his (its a Mercedes), there was no way I was trying in mine!

Possibly a good job too - was texting one of the other girls and she said it was bucketing snow most of the morning, and one of the lads just texted me to say he left site at 2.45 and had only made it as far as the shopping centre - so that's an hour and a half to do a jpurney that would take 10 minutes in normal conditions!

And it's hailstoning again.... marvellous!

To cheer myself up, I've been browsing on YouTube, and found clips of the Taylor Swift / Def Leppard CMT Crossroads, which I actually watched on Foxtel when in Oz!! Here's their version of Pour Some Sugar On Me - which is, in an word, awesome!!


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Seeing as the weather is not getting any better, heres something smoking hot to combat the cold - James & Ola's rumba from last Sunday night's Strictly.

i have watched this routine a crazy amount of times.....