April 15th, 2010


Happy Sea Patrol Day!!

Am very excited about this - though knowing my luck, I won't be able to find it online when I get home this evening....

Blurb for the ep is as follows:

Night of the Long Knives
The crew of HMAS Hammersley uncovers a terrorist plot to assassinate a senior US official. Kate has doubts about Hammersley's popular new crewmate, a war hero with a dark secret. Mike resists a promotion to Navcom, even though it would allow him and Kate to pursue their relationship.
Guest Starring: Tammy Macintosh as Maxine White, Freya Stafford as Caroline, Marcus Johnson as Davis

I'll be interested to see what Conrad Coleby is like in this - I've never particularly liked him in anything else I've seen him in, but in the previews he looks like he has the potential to be an interesting character.

As for Mike & Kate and the relationship, I think (and it's just my opinion) that they need to either get them together or put it to rest for good. Of course, if Buffer was still there I'd be pulling for him and Kate, I think Jeremy & Lisa have more chemistry than Ian & Lisa (realise I'm in the minority on that one!)

The title does interest me though; the night of the long knives was a purge that took place in Nazi Germany when the Nazi regime carried out a series of political executions. Given that Mike is resisting a promotion to Navcom and Tammy's character is basically replacing Steve Bisley, I wonder if theres political hikinks going on in Navcom?

And interestingly, the blurb for ep 2 refers to "a new commanding officer" - what does that mean for Mike?


Sea Patrol 4.01 - short reaction post!

Wound up only starting to watch this at 10pm, curled up in bed with my computer on my knees. It's now 11pm, and I have to be up at 5.30 am, so this is a short reaction post until I can do a long, squee-filled reaction post in the morning - aren't you all looking forward to that? (Don't worry, it shall be behind a cut tag!)

So the high points:
  • Of all the new characters, I love Commander Maxine "Knocker" White the most!! Tammy was just brilliant, and I loved the way her and Mike bounced off each other. Totally bought that they were good buddies from AFTA. 
  • Mike took the promotion!! Which means he and Kate shall shortly be on the HMAS Doing It (and I'm not convinced they haven't boarded already!)
  • Steve Bastoni is the new CO!! Dude, with him and Tammy it's a Police Rescue reunion!! (If they can get Gary Sweet or Sonia Todd on in some capacity, my head shall explode!!)

There is more, but as said above, I have an early start in the morning :-(

Longer post to come then.....