March 30th, 2010


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Holy moly people, it's freezing. Not just outside as the cold snap makes a reappearance, but inside - Dad rejigged the cntral heating timer yesterday because of the hour going forward on Sunday, but whatever he did, the heat has not come on all day and the house is freezing. Sitting here in thermal vest, jumper and cardigan and am still freezing/

And Mum is fuming, so that doesn't help matters much...

Had an eventful weekend - went shopping with my Dad on Saturday afternoon to see about changing my car (3 years old, and my Dad is a big proponent of buying your car new and changing it every 2-3 years to get maximum resale value). So, I was just going to get prices, and wound up buying a new car. It's a VW Golf, 1.6 TDI, black, and I collect it after Easter. Very excited - is so pretty!

Then on Sunday, my niece Abigail was christened. We had a great day - compared to today, we were absolutely blessed with the weather!! Abigail was good as gold through the day, and she looked lovely in her christening gown (she was, as helsinkibaby said, a big ball of satiny fluff!)

And now, I'm off to YouTube to search for Kate Gosselins trainwreck of a performance on DWTS last night - I don't think I can wait til Friday night to see how bad it was!!

Poor Tony. Poor poor Tony

Have just watched the vid of Kate and Tony's jive on last nights DWTS.

Poor Tony. Poor Poor Tony.

Seriously, that's all there is to it.

Even without the drama of the training footage - and I do not for one moment blame Tony for walking out, i would have too - this was a complete dance disaster (thank you Craig Revel Horwood!) She was off time, she forgot her steps, he was obviously coaching her on the floor - it was just a clusterfuck of epic proportions.

And on the subject of Tony's walkout, I am firmly convnced that someone outside that door talked him into going back in. He was upset and frustrated and utterly at the end of his tether. He was done.

And worse, it was to I'm Still Standing, which I will forever associate with the brilliance of Jill Halfpenny and Darren Bennett. That was a jive. This was not.

The link, for those of you brave enough to want to see what I'm yammering about:

I am praying they go tonight - FREE TONY DOVOLANI !