March 16th, 2010


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Word to the wise for today – never buy a new laptop AND pay your car tax in the same credit card billing period; it does not end well! Opened mine last night and nearly had heart failure – but I suppose it could have been worse, am thinking of changing the car so I only taxed it for 3 months as opposed to the year….

Just saw this on – Out magazine spoke to Scott & Brett at the GLAAD Awards:

Out: What are your thoughts on One Life to Live ending your storyline?
Brett Claywell: It was a journey we went on together this whole year, and we had no idea it was going to be received the way it was. I couldn’t have been more privileged to work with a better actor to figuratively and literally hold my hand through the whole process. There’s definitely going to be some sadness, but we really are proud of what we did. We’ve been boyfriends on screen, and now we get to just be brothers. If nothing else we told a great story and developed a new friendship.

Out: What was it like doing the groundbreaking sex scene?
Scott Evans: We didn’t know when we were shooting it that it was the very first one. Then afterward we heard all about the breaking of new ground, and we thought it was pretty cool.

Out: Why do you think presenting a storyline like this one is so important on daytime TV?
Scott Evans: You’re reaching an audience that you normally wouldn’t reach. These are people who may not be watching primetime TV or might not be so in to what is going on in modern times.
Brett Claywell: We’re glad to celebrate the telling of a truthful love story in every day households in the Midwest and the south, and that’s important.

Classy guys – unlike ABC, who seem to be blaming the actors for the storyline ending (if you want to know what I mean, read Nelson Branco’s latest Soapgeist column at – I’m refusing to link to the piece itself, because I loathe the way that ABC are spinning this, and that people appear to be buying into it).


Kish speak.....

I swear, at some point soon I will write an entry that is not about Kish getting canned...

This is not that entry.

The boys have spoken out about the smear campaign (because what else can you call it?):

Responding to the rumors that it was one actor's partying and the other's busy schedule that led to them being let go, Brett told Soap Opera Digest, "It's so false it's slander. Scott and I were nothing but professional and completely 100 percent dedicated to our work."

Scott tweeted:

"Such a bummer what all of this is turning into. I will continue to respect the decision but will remain unhappy with the tactics."

For what it's worth, I don't believe a word of the rumours - let's face it, if there was sufficient trouble to fire both actors, something would have leaked out before now (because as we know, ABC Daytime leaks like a sieve!)

And as I've said before, fans could have handled Kish being backburnered (think most of us expected it) but to can them completely is so short-sighted it's ridiculous. And the way it's been handled has been incredibly disrespectful to the actors and their fans. Scott & Brett have been nothing but classy - TIIC could learn a few lessons from them.

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EDITING to add a link from jyl22075 to an interview Brett did today with zap2it:

The quote that just made my blood boil is about how they found out:

"We found out separately. I found out the day before the story broke; I was at "One Life to Live" because I was submitting my Emmy reel. And the same day I'm submitting my Emmy reel, Frank [Valentini] tells me that they're no longer continuing the storyline and that I've filmed my last day.

I do believe there's a certain way that things have to be done to protect the machine, and there are certain things that could be done differently.  Scott found out through somebody tweeting him, and absolutely, that's not the way he should've found out. It shouldn't happen that way.

Scott and I were disappointed that we'd already filmed our last day together. That would've been nice to know. We were like, "We're not even going to work together again." That was the most upsetting part."

I swear, just when you think this whole clusterfuck can't get any worse, IT DOES.