November 6th, 2009


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Today is the first day all week where I've actually felt well - thank goodness!!! Had a phone call from my General Manager this evening to check how I was, and a text from one of the engineers this morning telling me he hoped I was feeling better, also that he'd paid me into the lotto syndicate so I might have something to celebrate!!

It's actually quite sad how touched I am by the calls and texts I've gotten - I was off sick for 3 weeks when I worked in the HR Dept, and only 1 of the girls (who I was quite pally with) actually bothered to text every now and then to see how I was. So it's nice to know that people actually give a monkeys ( /pity party!!)

Just checked my FB for the first time this week - one of my RL friends did one of those "Which X Factor contestant are you most like?" quizzes, and her answer was Stacy. And may God forgive me, I laughed, because they are actually quite similiar!!! (This particular friend, when she was backpacking round Australia a couple of years ago, would send me postcards with just my address on them, no sender name. Granted, they always reached me because I live on a country road with just 3 houses on it, but still.....)

Oh dear....

Just saw this linked on twitter:

GL's Clarke Recovering
Jordan Clarke (ex-Billy, GUIDING LIGHT) recently suffered a stroke and is recovering. "Jordan Clarke was in L.A. working on VENICE, the Web series," explained the president of his official fan club in a statement. "He had a mild stroke between L.A. and N.Y. His prognosis is good and he's expected to fully recover. Fans are welcome to send cards and well wishes to his fan club. The address is OJCFC, P.O. Box 73, Bloomingdale, GA 31302. Or they can post a message on his message board, at"

The tweet was just that hed suffered a stroke, which instantly made me think the worst... hopefully he'll make a speedy recovery.