October 22nd, 2009


Wow... more GH casting news!

Just when you think GH can't surprise you any more, they do!!!

Scott Reeves (ex-Ryan, Y&R) and husband of Melissa Reeves (ex-Jennifer from Days) has been cast on General Hospital as Dr Steven Lars Webber. LINK

It's apparently a recurring gig (he'll commute from Nashville) and he's going to be the new Chief-of-Staff at the hospital.

OK, so TIIC have cast a doctor instead of a new mobster - given that James Franco's character has already been described as "Jason's worst nightmare", is it too much to hope that GH is swinging away from the mob storylines and back to the hospital it's named after???

And of course, I foresee a whole raft of "Missy returning to Days" stories in the future as well...

From SOD....

Just saw this on Soap Opera Digest online - it's their columnist Mala Bhattacharjee on the "Elizabeth's First Love Returns" promo.

Everything that I wanted to say, she says.

"Elizabeth's first love is back," touts an ABC/SOAPnet promo for Jonathan Jackson's Oct. 27 return. Uh, guys...? Elizabeth's first love NEVER LEFT. He's right there. In Port Charles. Wearing Greg Vaughan's face.

I mean, I can only imagine how hamstrung the ABC/SOAPnet promotional department was, realizing that they couldn't go "the real Lucky returns!" route — darn all those fans for finding that genius move for AMC's Greenlee offensive! — but was it necessary to sit around and think of something just as bad?

Guess what, GH: Lucky and Liz have always been a permanent lock. It doesn't matter if it was Jackson or Jacob Young or Greg Vaughan in the role. But way to confirm, yet again, for viewers that the Lucky character has had no value for the last decade...that all of that history and character work and the times Lucky and Elizabeth have been drawn together as lovers and as parents hasn't rated because it wasn't Jonathan Jackson. To outright say that is really, really bold.

I guess I imagined the 2005 wedding and all the adorable family scenes with Cameron and Jake, because Elizabeth's only hookups were with Jason, Ric and Zander. And what about Jacob Young's Daytime Emmy? I guess he won that for AMC's JR...even before he got the role.

It's really disrespectful. That's what it boils down to. Greg Vaughan aired just yesterday, in beautiful scenes welcoming Elizabeth to the Spencer family once more...while the network he airs on has already written him out of the Spencer clan. I know it's not Jonathan Jackson's fault. He's got a family to feed, too, and a right to be employed. But someone needs to be held accountable for the bad taste here. I honestly thought the network had learned something from their own "real Greenlee" debacle, but it's clear they haven't.

Page me when my first love, the real GENERAL HOSPITAL, is back.