October 1st, 2009


More casting news....

Have just seen on Sarah Brown's twitter that she's starting work on B&B; looking around Internet, it looks like her character Sandy will be mixing things up with Nick, Bridget and Whip (Rick Hearst)!

Ok, if they pair Sarah and Rick, who had mad chem on GH as Ric and Claudia, I will be delighted!!

(Conversely, if they put her anywhere near Ridge, I shall scream. LOUDLY.)

Now, if they could just pick up Greg Vaughan.....

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My gast it is flabbered, part 2

Almost gave myself lockjaw when I read this one:


It's a recurring role, starting November 20th (just in time for sweeps) and according to Soapnet, Franco will play " mysterious character -- the details are too hot to share now -- who will interact with most of Port Charles and in particular, make Jason's life a living hell."

I mean, dude, seriously..... there are no words for how amazed I am right now, NONE.