September 8th, 2009

Tina & Sean


Two and a bit weeks later, the Holy Grail of Torrents - aka Casualty Series 14 - finally hit 100%!!!!

For the last half an hour, I have been like a child skipping through eps, finding all my favourite bits! This was Casualty at its best, no two dimensional characters here (that has been one of my gripes with the most recent series, that and they keep finding new and inventive ways to screw me over by killing off my favourite characters......) I remember being so happy at the time that Tina and Sean got their happy ending (until the Beeb screwed it up a couple of years ago by bringing Sean back for six weeks, breaking them up off camera and never really addressing what the hell went on with them....

Not that I'm bitter or anything!!!

Best thing is that as of tomorrow, I am on annual leave from work for 9 GLORIOUS DAYS - not back in the office til September 23rd - so I have plenty of time to indulge myself in these eps!!

Plus I've just started downloading the torrent for series 15, which was the truly MAGNIFICENT Holly & Patrick season. (And now, I really need to stop before I rant even more.... am just realising I had really shitty luck with couples in this show!)

Aww man.....

What was meant to be a 'life long book', turned into a 'chapter'...and now that 'chapter' is finished....

Maks tweeted that last night, and Karina's rep has just confirmed to Mark Malkin that herself and Maks have broken up.

This makes me sad, because I thought they were adorable together. I'm really upset for him, because everything I've read has basically been that he was mad about her for years, and it was only after she split with Mario that he made a move. And the proposal story was just so cute!!!

OTOH, the new season has moved from "shall YouTube" to "Must Download", because I cannot WAIT to see how they handle this one!!!