August 19th, 2009


ATWT Casting News

cheapevilgirl , have you seen this?? From The Suds Report:

Mr. & Mrs. Smith who? Yesterday, Soaps In Depth tweeted their first major scoop since George Bush’s first “Presidential” administration: Austin Peck has been unexpectedly “released” from his World Turns contract. Suds Report has learned that Peck, who recently separated from his wife, Tara, is currently embroiled in a controversial affair with one of his married castmates which ultimately polarized the set. “Everyone wanted him fired because the woman he had an affair with left her husband, whom we all love,” reveals one actor. Another source reports another reason for increased tension on the Brooklyn set: “Michael [Park, Jack] and Austin have been at odds for some time.”

Reportedly, the cast is “universally happy” that the “home wrecker” has been let go. Suds Report reminds the World Turns cast that it takes two to tango, kids. As a rule, I do not write about actors’ personal lives — unless, of course, it affects what we see on our screens. I’m not really sure how Peck’s personal choices led to him being fired — nor do I understand why his female lover still has a job if Peck was fired. Reverse sexism much? But this is the wacky, nonsensical world of soaps, after all … I’m going to miss my Brad and Katie. Click here to read my interview with 2008's Sexiest Couple Alive.

As for Bradski, Peck’s pre-nominated Emmy role will not be recast.


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helsinkibaby, more dwts pairings....

Donny & Kym
Ashley Hamilton & Edyta
Debi Mazar & Maks
Natalie Coughlin & Alec
Tom DeLay & Cheryl
Mya & Dmitry

These mostly came from Twitter postings, Karina has also tweeted that she's met her partner and he has an amazing potential, but she didn't name names....

Louis Van Amstel tweeted last week he would be back this season, but hasn't met his partner yet...

In Strictly news, I hear Lynda Bellingham's name has been mentioned. Is it awful that as soon as I heard that I thought, "Well, that's Anton sorted so!"

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