May 15th, 2009


HUGE Y&R NEWS!!!!!!!!!!

So, remember a couple of weeks ago when I posted saying that I might have to start watching Y&R again because John Driscoll had been cast as Phillip Chancellor IV???
Well, I've just read spoilers for the ep that airs in the US today (it aired in Canada yesterday, which is how we know what happened) and all I can say is I'M BACK. WITH BELLS ON.

This is HUGE. Potentially game-changing, and follows in the best tradition of Friday soap cliffhangers. I cannot WAIT to see how they're going to pull this one off - it's either going to be brilliant, or a total trainwreck. Details of what actually happened are behind the cut (to spare those who have absolutely no interest - which is about 99% of my f-list!!!)  

Collapse )

Greys Finale

Just finished watching.

Not sure I can put together a coherent thought right now.... there's a lot of "holy moly!" and "but but but....." going through my head!! I will say that Justin Chambers killed me (for the second week in a row!) and that I really really hope he gets an Emmy nod this year.

The reveal (not going into too much detail, as I'm too tired to start faffing about with cut tags - anyone who's watched will know exactly what I mean) was brilliant, very well done. (Though the nit-picker in me liked it better the first time I saw it!).

And the end..... THAT'S how you end a season!!!

Is it September yet????????