May 4th, 2009


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Posting this here so I don't lose the link:

It's the new promo for season 3 of Sea Patrol, which starts in Australia on May 18th. According to the TV Week website, "The crew of the Hammersley are grief-stricken when a much-loved colleague perishes during a dangerous mission. Check out TV WEEK to learn more — and to find out who gets engaged."

Well, the promo basically answers the second question. I know who my money is on for the death (though if I'm wrong and they kill off Buffer, I will be very upset and angry!!)


Another World Memories

Today is (or would have been) the 45th anniversary of Another World first airing on US television. It's also 10 years since it was cancelled, and last Friday May 1st was the 20th anniversary of the death of Douglass Watson (Mac Cory).

AW was the first of the US daytime soaps that I really got into, and I still miss it to this day. (I'm still incredibly bitter that Sky One took it off the air just as Ryan's ghost was about to show up, but that's a rant for another time!!) So in honour of the day that's in it, here are some of the favourite AW scenes that I've found on YouTube. (WARNING - there's a lot!!)

Doug Watson's final scene as Mac Cory: Link

Victoria Wyndham's tribute to Doug Watson, 1989 Daytime Emmy's: Link

"Ladykiller" Explosion: Link

Dean & Jenna see "Ladykiller" on the jumbotron: Link

"I wouldn't take this man as my husband if he were the last snake on earth!"  Link

Rely on Jake: Part one  Part Two

A conversation between Ryan and Frankie (I loved the friendship between these two!): Link

A Song for Jenna (I find it immensely scary that I remember the lyrics to this one!!!): Link

Ryan and Vicky's First Meeting: Link

Cass confronts Felicia about her drinking: Link

Vicky and Ryan get married in Heaven: Link

Carl tells Ryan that he's his father: Link

"I'm not your bastard son!"  : Link

Believe me when I tell you there are loads more I could add, but I do actually have to get some sleep before I go back to work tomorrow!!