April 17th, 2009


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Have just spent the last hour and a half watching the eps of Guiding Light that aired yesterday, Wednesday and Tuesday - Good God, can we just give Crystal Chappell the Emmy now and have done with it? Becuase she was just on fire - the whole graveside confession was gutwrenching, and her watching Natalia as she stood with Frank at the altar... GUH!!!! There are just no words for how much I'm looking forward to the ep that airs today - it should be a doozy!!

The other thing I liked about these eps is that they actually gave Frank some good stuff - during the whole "third wheel" speech, you really got a sense of how lonely Frank actually is, and it's that loneliness that is forcing him to rush into this marriage with Natalia, even though he has a very clear idea that something's not right. It reminds me of the Frank we saw with Eleni, back when Melinda Kanakaredes was on the show and Frank actually had a storyline!!

Also, Olivia calling him "Frankie" - good memories!!

In other Springfield news, Shayne and Dinah continue to be hot.

I like the new James - he looks like he could be the son of Grant Aleksander and Beth Chamberlain.

However, I do NOT like the whole James and Daisy thing - seriously, I spent most of their scenes shrieking "HE USED TO BE YOUR BROTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" at the laptop (the yelling is freaking my mum out it must be said). The other thing that drove me to distraction was the whole texting in church thing - Marina's look of shock and disgust was right on the money! This is the whole problem with their refusal to adequately SORAS Daisy - she should be older than Marina, not younger. And for the life of me I can't work out why they didn't pair James with the similarly crazily SORAS'ed Leah Bauer - can you imagine, Phillip's son and Rick's daughter?? The story practically writes itself!!

The Mentalist

Forgot to say this earlier (what with all the GL squeeing!!), but helsinkibaby was right - watched the first ep on RTE last night and man, I love this show!!

Very impressed by Simon Denny's American accent, which was flawless. (And I know he's not Simon Denny anymore, but that's what I remember him as from E Street....) Though just once, I'd like to see Zelko Ivanek as something other than a creepy murderer!!!

helsinkibaby , I'm betting the line you knew I'd love was "It's not as bad as it looks"??? Because if so, you know me way too well!!!!