April 1st, 2009


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OK, not an April Fools.... Just googled GL, and here's what popped up:

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There are no words to express how much this sucks. (OK, there are, but they're all four letter ones.) As misssimm says, how can you cancel a show with so much history??? Especially now, when they've finally got a handle on the new production model, when Otalia is really taking off and making waves and when you've FINALLY got Grant Aleksander back, when every single person on that cast is bringing their A game! It's beyond ridiculous that CBS are cancelling it now, when it's just beginning to turn a corner.

And they've just finished the big Bizzie location shoot down in Universal Studios, flying most of the cast down there to do photo-shoots and panels. I saw a quote from Robert Newman (Josh) where he implied that that was a good sign - why spend all that money and then pull the plug? Mind you, an article yesterday said that the cancellation rumours stunned Ellen Wheeler, she had apparently been told that GL would be renewed. ....

Someone on TWOP has just posted they're more upset than they were when Another World was cancelled. And you know what?? So am I.