March 30th, 2009

X and Buffer

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My internet connection is, for the second night in a row, slow as a wet evening on the M50. (For those of you have been spared that particular delight, let me assure you that is very, very slow. Crawling).

So I am not a happy little bunny, and that was before I read an article which says that CBS may soon decide to pull the plug on Guiding Light : 

OK, this isn't unexpected - rumours of GL's cancellation have been swirling, as the article says, for about the past decade. But it's really cooking with gas at the moment, Grant is back, and with a little bit more time and a few more tweaks, who knows what could happen??

And in other, more bittersweet news, the 2009 Logie nominations were announced today, and Mark Priestley (Dan from All Saints) has been nominated for a posthumous award for Most Popular Actor. (link)  Truthfully, I hope he wins - his last few eps, especially the one where Dan broke down searching for his wife Ricki, who'd disappeared shortly after their wedding - were just brilliant; I actually had to stop watching and start forwarding through some of the stuff because it was just so raw to watch the character of Dan in so much despair, knowing what Mark was feeling in real life. Logies air on Friday night in Australia, so that's Friday a.m. our time. God bless the iPhone is all I can say....

Now, off to to see exactly how slow this thing is......