March 20th, 2009


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Having watched the first 2 eps of Castle, I think I have a shiny new fandom (points to icon). Obviously I was predisposed to like it because it's Nathan Fillion, and Nathan being hot and funny and snarky is always good! I like the banter between Castle and Beckett, and the relationship between Nathan and the girl who plays his daughter is really cute. Plus which you have Ruben Santiago Hudson (AW's Captain Billy Cooper) playing the police captain (not typecast at all then) and Susan Sullivan is hamming it up bigtime as Nathan's mom.

And in 1x02, there was a total shout out to Nathan's soap opera days - "I got my the idea for my first novel from One Life to Live" (For those of you who don't watch soaps, Nathan played Joey Buchanan on that show.)

In other news, work has quietened down a bit - and I mean that in a depressingly literal way! The site we're on is coming to an end, so we're moving bodies onto other jobs (where we can, if we can't they're being let go...) 3 more of my foremen finished today - 1 was transferred to a different job in Dublin, 2 are gone west of the Shannon. Checking the payroll hours this morning took me less than ten minutes, usually it takes much longer! (Mind you, we were on a 3 day week being as we were off Monday and Tuesday, so that helped....)

We were also fundraising today as it's Daffodil Day, which is a national day of fundraising for the Irish Cancer Society. Had to go around the office with a sponsorship card - for however much money the site raised, we were allocated tickets in a raffle Head Office were running. Our site managed to raise €463.50, which isn't bad going!!! Should find out on Monday if we actually won anything...

And this last bit is going behind a cut tag, because I don't want to spoil anyone who doesn't want to be spoiled....

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