January 8th, 2009

Brian & Christina

Technology is awesome!

Spent most of today trying to figure out how to set my e-mail account up on my shiny new iPhone - something that just had to be done, as Dad was making noises about how I should talk to the boys in IT about getting my company e-mail set up on it. I had to very gently and diplomatically tell him that I really didn't want to do that; managed to do so without using the phrase "Are you out of your frakking mind?!" which is always good!

It seemed an easy enough task when I was reading the instructions; I had reckoned without my service provider and their crappy crappy new webmail interface and their really crappy technical support page!! But after much tweaking, I figured it out, and I can now receive all my mails on my phone!! Yay!!! (cheapevilgirl, this means I shall become infinitely better at e-mailing you!! Be very very afraid, expecially as 24 starts over here next Monday!!!)

And because this just made me go "aww!" first thing this morning, the People.com article on DWTS' Maks and Karina getting engaged on New Years Eve:

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