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Have just seen Daybreak part 2...

OK, this is in no way a detailed post; (a) I need to time to process.and (b) I direct to you my last post where Ireland won the Grand Slam and I split a bottle of wine with Dad!

But I really did enjoy this. I was expecting them to Blakes 7 it, instead we got a finale that had HOPE in it.....

The bit that got to me most was when Anders flew the ship into the sun, and they played the original Galactica theme. That got the tears going. Boomer paying back the Admiral also made me weepy... one of the things I loved most about all the flashbacks was that you could see how far all these characters had come (they made much more sense than in last weeks ep!!)

Loved Laura's line to Cottle early on: "go light a cigarette and be grumpy"

I shrieked my head off when they shot Helo, I was so glad he survived and that the Fighting Agathons lived to fight another day!

The Tory reveal was BRILLIANT. As soon as Ellen said they'd know everything there was to know about each other, I knew exactly what was coming. And it was just electrifying. I loved when Tigh told him he would have done the same thing. The Chief's story ending was sad, but it did make sense in light of everything that had happened to him .

"Nothing but the rain" KILLED ME. Almost as much as Adama putting his ring on Laura's finger.

Kara disappearing was like a punch in the gut, though as soon as Lee turned his back on her I knew it was coming. I kinda like that it was so ambiguous as to what she was... and Katee just acted the hell out of all her scenes. Kara Thrace will not be forgotten.

And this post was way longer (and more detailed!!!) than I meant it to be... there may be more thinky thoughts in the morning when I've processed everything, but for now my bed is calling me.....

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