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More Casualty News....

Which I'm cut-tagging because misssimm is probably the only one interested....

Casualty star Martina Laird is quitting as TV's Comfort Jones after five years.

But her character will not be killed off — leaving the door open for a possible comeback.

The star leaves the BBC1 soap in October after the return of notorious womaniser Dr Sean Maddox. The doc — back at Holby General after a six-year gap — is single again and makes an instant impression on Comfort.

An insider said: “Details are under wraps at the moment but let’s just say the ending’s a happy one.”

Dr Maddox, played by Gerald Kyd, 33, will also leave the show in the autumn.

Martina, 33, said last night: “It was a tough decision but we’re always happy to take up new challenges.

“I’m very lucky to have had the opportunity to work with such wonderful people and play such a great character for five years.”

Paramedic Comfort has been an ALCOHOLIC, had DEPRESSION and been STABBED twice since joining the show.

Some of her final scenes will be in a 20th anniversary special set in Cambodia.


Not sure how I feel about this - never would have put Comfort and Sean together (he belongs with Tina, first last and always!)

Methinks it has more to do with Martina leaving than anything else - and lets face it, if anyone deserves a happy ending, it's Comfort!!

But it makes me sad - Tina and Sean had the best happy ending EVER (though I know helsinkibaby disagrees with me on that!) and they've just completely trashed that...

(Not that any of these misgivings will stop me watching of course!!)

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