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BSG 4.18

Thanks to the title of this ep, I have “Islands in the Stream” stuck in my head….

Gods, this one was bleak. The flickering lights, the sound of creaking metal… Galactica is falling apart, and all the Cylon technology in the world can’t put her together again. (BTW, we’re all fairly convinced at this stage that Galactica is the dying leader, right??)

I thought Grace Park did a standout job in this episode. From Athena’s complete and utter devastation (she couldn’t even look at Helo) to the gamut of emotions that Boomer ran, she was just amazing. The scene where she was about to inject a crying Hera was genuinely chilling, and then her reaction when she handed Hera over to Cavil only to hear her crying for her…. OK, I know Boomer’s done some pretty awful stuff, but I really want a redemption arc for her (which I know I’m not going to get because hello, 2 more episodes….)

On the other side of the Fighting Agathons, Tahmoh was absolutely amazing during that scene with Adama. I think it was particularly affecting because Helo’s always the strong one, the rock. To see him so visibly distraught was just jarring.

The Roslin / Adama scenes were the emotional heart of the ep for me. Laura seems to have accepted that she’s going to die, now she’s helping Bill accept it too.

Why did Kara confide in Baltar of all people? Surely to goodness she knew that the one thing you can count on is that you can’t count on Baltar (as one reviewer put it, he’s always good for a betrayal.) Then again, maybe that was her way of telling people without actually telling people. I spent the whole reveal scene with my ahdn over my mouth going “Oh no…. oh no…” – and I was surprised at the slap, I thought Kara would’ve just hauled off and punched him….

Speaking of Baltar, the scene between him and Caprica Six was long overdue. I think he was genuinely trying to reach out and help her, but she obviously didn’t believe him. Callis completely sold me on that scene.

Nice to see the shots of Kat and Dee on the memorial wall, and I loved the scene between Kara and Lee. As you know, I’m not a shipper of these two by any stretch of the imagination, but it was a lovely moment.

On the flip side of that, it looks like Kara finally realised she loved Sam after all (the whole scene where she was talking to him was great acting by Katee – along with Grace, I thought she owned the episode). Sam babbling like the hybrid was creepy as hell – I jumped a mile in the air when he grabbed her arm!! I just hope there’s some way of bringing him back from this (re-setting his neural net as the Random Eight said to Kara) but given the way this show is going, I doubt it very much!!

Nice to see Adama finally making decisions and carrying them out. (Because God knows I was getting fed up of seeing him being a drunken lush…) The final shot of Tigh and Adama was the perfect way of ending the ep – it felt like farewell.

According to some of the reviews I’ve read, a lot of stuff was cut from this ep – including a scene of Tyrol in the brig, for those of us who wondered where he was during this ep – but apparently Eddie is doing a directors cut of the ep to be included on the 4.5 DVD release.

I cannot believe there are only 2 more eps of this to go…..


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