smiley_b (smiley_b) wrote,

a day of two halves

In one half, the Strictly gods heard my prayers and announced Will Young, the UK's original Pop Idol winner, as the second contestant on this years Strictly!

I utterly adored Will during Pop Idol (do not comment telling me Gareth was robbed, we will have Words) and he's already reminded e why by posting a video to his Twitter of him dancing around his house with a broom.... I just am waiting for them to show the clip of him telling off Simon Cowell!! (Craig will want to watch out!)

And in the other half, was told today that the brother of a girl I used to work with passed away suddenly yesterday; she got a phone call at work and left the office in hysterics (understandably). No idea what happened, he wasn't old (40's) - the worst part is that they buried their younger sister about 16 years ago when she passed away from a brain haemorrhage (again, very sudden, very very unexpected) - I'm just heartbroken for her.

Tags: life, scd
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