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Star Trek Beyond

Just back from seeing this in the cinema with helsinkibaby - my immediate, bullet point, non spoilery thoughts are below:

• I really really enjoyed it, way more than the last one but not quite as much as the first (but the first set such high expectations that I honestly don't think any of the sequels could surpass it.

• Lots more interaction between the cast in this one, which I loved - lots of scenes between Spock and McCoy, which are just a joy

• Speaking of McCoy, on a purely shallow note, Karl Urban is very very good looking in this one!!

• Simon Pegg continues to steal every single scene that he's in.

• Loved the new character Jayla

• The effects and cinematography are amazing; really liked Justin Lins work in this (really hope he stays for #4!!)

There's probably way more I could say but that's all I have for the moment.... Am now off to Tumblr to un-blacklist the Star Trek tag so I can see the gifs people have created!!

Tags: star trek 2009
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