smiley_b (smiley_b) wrote,

Long time no LJ.......

Well, it's been a while!!

I've been keeping up on ye olde friends list and reblogging like crazy on tumblr; but I've fallen off on posting here, mostly due to the fact I'm seriously behind on every single show I watch!! I'm blaming work - I changed roles within the company last August (people keep saying I got promoted, I keep referring to it as a lateral move with a slightly upward tilt!!) and am so mad busy that I can't keep up with anything!

That said, when my LiveJournal paid account came up for renewal in January, I considered letting it lapse - but when push came to show I couldn't go through with it! So I've re-upped for another year, so I'm determined to post and actually get value for my money!!

So this is the first of hopefully many posts.....
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