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BSG 417


Thoughts - oh, who am I kidding - incoherent ramblings behind the cut...

Boomer and the Chief killed me in this ep. Just killed me dead. The two of them reconnecting, the house on Pychon... I was really rooting for these two crazy kids!! And when Roslin signed the extradition order..... my father actually walked into the room to hear me exclaim that President Airlock was now President DeadToMe!!

I can't believe that Boomer was playing them all along.... okay, actually I can but I refuse to believe that Hera was actually there in that box. I kept waiting for her to wander into shot, especially when the Chief was stumbling through the cargo bay horrified out of his mind!!

Holy moly!!!! Dr Mike Horton is the piano player!!!  I twigged that he was Kara's father when he started talking about how he left his wife and kid because she wanted him to stop playing the piano. But when Tigh brought Kara back to reality and there was no-one there.... oh my God, that was a sucker punch!!

BTW, when the background music kicked in and you realised that Kara was playing Watchtower and the 3 realised it as well... that was a solid OH HOLY FRAK HOLY FRAK HOLY FRAK moment (and my father now thinks I'm crazier than usual!!)

Much as I don't like Starbuck, I thought Katee did a tremendous job in this ep. Just at the start, where she's going through the motions, the same thing over and over again, day in and day out... you could really see the toll that all of this is taking on her. And I'm really hoping thta Sam miraculously comes back to life soon, because seeing him just lying there with his eyes open was creepy as hell. Although someone (I want to say Tory) mentioned plugging him in a la the hybrid, which I thought about a couple of weeks ago..... 

So, what happens next?? What's going on with Roslin?? Is she dying (well, in imminent danger of dying as opposed to the slow death she's been having all along). And Hera?? I say again, no way is she in that ship, right??? And what's going to happen to the Chief when they find out he switched Eights (other than Helo and Athena tearing him limb from limb...).

I know there's more I'm forgetting to say... as I say I'm still stuck on the HOLY FRAK HOLY MARY MOTHER OF GOD train of thought. Possibly more coherent thoughts to come later (when I've convinced my father that I have not lost my mind, despite all appearance to the contrary)...
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