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BSG 416

This has been sitting on my USB stick since Wednesday.... might be an idea to post it before I watch the next ep....

The Boomer/Chief stuff made me squee like a mad thing! I loved that he knew her straight away, and was mad that there was no other interaction between them (apart from the scene at the end where he was watching her sleep.) Hopefully, they’ll be featured more next week…

Loved everyone’s reaction to Ellen getting out of the raptor – especially Hotdog’s (?) “How many dead chicks are there?” My Ellen love still remains high – I loved it when she came out with the “imagine there were only 5 survivors” line, you could just see everyone going “Whoa…”

Also loved her reaction to the Saul / Caprica relationship – basically calling it incest. And the argument scene in sickbay was very well done – everyone shouting over each other.

Caprica’s baby dying was heartbreaking – Tricia and Michael just knocked it out of the park. Although I still feel like I’m missing something in that relationship – end of season 4.0, he could hardly stand to be near her, 4.5 and they’re all lovey dovey cooing over sonograms and living together. There has to be stuff on the cutting room floor, right?

As always, Baltar cracks me up – “All you need is strength. AND GUNS!!!” And was I the only one who thought Paula was going to shoot him with the big gun at the end?? If I was Baltar, I’d keep one eye on her because she’s not to be trusted.

Yay!! Sam rebooted!

This may be an unpopular opinion, but I’ve really had enough of Adama staring morosely at the damage to Galactica and the Cylon workforce fixing it, then crawling into a bottle and popping pills. There’s only 4 eps left, can we move things on a little please?

Having seen a promo for next week (god bless YouTube and all who post on it!) hopefully that wish will be granted….


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