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Rangy McRantsalot here.....

I am not having a good day today, mainly because stupid people in the office either don't answer the question I ask them or their answers are so vague as to be no bloody use at all!

I knew I was on trouble when one of the sparks (one of the nicest lads you could meet, lucky for me!) knocked on the office door and the response he got was "WHAT?!" That was at 8 this morning, we start at 7.30...

And it's not getting better - have had to send another spark in with a request to one of our subbies to mail me across a doc I need to modify - whenever I ask this guy for something I have to hound him before I get it; the request comes from one of the lads I get it in five minutes! Which leads me to think that this is one of those guys who doesn't believe in having women on a building site, and is not even smart enough to hide that fact!

And with that off my chest, I shall go back to work...

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