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Bullet point update, as it's all my brain is capable of right now....

+ I discovered yesterday morning that there is something worse than training a class at 7.30am in the morning, and that's disciplining the apprentice who fell asleep in middle of the video presentation which forms the bulk of the 7.30am training class. Not fun, particularly when he answered me back with all the reasons he fell asleep (in til 8pm the night before, not home til late) and trying to wiggle out of doing the course again next week! (Joke was on him though - I was straight on the phone to his foreman, who proceeded to ream him up one side and down the other and sent him up to my desk to apologise for being so disrepectful! Good times!)

+ Then I got a phone call in the office from my cousin who had a computer issue - that was grand, but given that she's very very pregnant with a due date of last Saturday, and her husband works on my site (where the mobile reception is rubbish in the buildings!) the heart went crossways on me when I saw her name on caller ID!

+ Haven't been posting much about Strictly here; I think part of the problem with that is I feel quite disengaged from the show this year. I like some of the competitors and still love most of the pros, but I don't have a favourite couple this year. Added to this the fact that Judy Murray has well overstayed her welcome (seriously, she dragged Andy out last week. She got to Blackpool. Can she go now?) and that the judges scoring is more bonkers that ever this year - James Jordan and Camilla Dallerup's twitter feeds are interesting given what they think and how the judges score! I'll keep watching, but the sparkle isn't quite there for me last year. (Especially after last Saturday's shenanigans of the Daily Fail's hatchet job on Ola. Producer manipulation is high this year - if I wanted that, I'd watch the X Factor!)

+ As ever, am behind on my shows. However I have seen up to episode 4 of Scandal, and think I will be having a marathon of 5- 8 this weekend - from what I've seen, Bellamy Young is just stealing the show as Mellie (or "eff it Mellie" as Bellamy christened her on Twitter). My unpopular opinion is that I like Jake with Olivia, and I loathe her and Fitz and indeed Fitz in general. He is a horrible human being and what people see in the Olitz romance is just absolutely beyond me!!

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