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So, this popped up on my twitter feed this morning:

Strictly's Aliona - I'm sick of dancing with old puddings

Am putting my reaction to this behind a cut, just in case i have any Aliona fans on ye olde friends list....

First off..... ooh, the entitlement, it burns!!

Second, she didn't dance with Johnny Ball, as she was "injured"; they got Iveta in to dance with him instead. And I say "injured" because I remain completely and utterly convinced that she faked that injury so she didn't have to dance with the token old man contestant.

Third, she could learn a lot from the likes of Ola Jordan (paired with Paul Daniels after winning with Chris Hollins) or Natalie Lowe (who has also been given not brilliant partners of late - Michael Vaughan anyone?)

And lastly, this is my big problem with Aliona - I don't rate her as a choreographer OR as a teacher. She's good when she has a Contender - a Matt Baker or a Harry Judd. (Even if some of her choreography for them was questionable - the salsa with Matt Baker was dreadful!) But give her someone who's a Participant - Johnny, Tony Jacklin, Gregg - and she's just not able to get the best of out them. Especially when you think of the likes of Erin Boag, Lilia Kopylova, Natalie - who are able to get results of out celebs who aren't natural dancers! (Case in point - Lilia won with Darren Gough - look at their week one cha cha and tell me you saw that coming!!

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