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100things - #15

So, I had a semi-plan for this thing; lists, links to videos etc, etc..... 

I even had a good idea of what the next dance was going to be!

And then I watched this weeks DWTS premiere videos, and the list went to hell in a handbasket!!

This is the best week 1 dance I have ever seen, in either DWTS or SCD - and yes, you can argue that he's a ringer, he's got experience.... and you know what? I Don't Care!! After all, we're talking about a show that partnered PussycatDoll Nicole with GoldenBoy and gave themridiculously high scores for quickstep that was not a quickstep (check me out, four years later, still bitter as!)

So here you go, Alfonso and Witney's jive. AMAZING

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