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Today was a LONG day at work - the lads spent the weekend doing a stocktake of all the plant and equipment we have on site, which was handed into me yesterday afternoon to input onto a big spreadsheet so we can send it up to our Head Office. There are about 10 A3 size pages, all full, which have to be inputted. And the sheet the lads filled in is a simplified version of the massive spreadsheet, so it's not as simple as just inputting the data; I'm hoping from one column to 3 columns over then back 2 columns....

In short, it's a horrible, long job - I got to the last sheet half an hour before finish time and I just couldn't do anymore - I was losing the will to live!!! (conjunkie , you have no idea how welcome your texts were this afternoon!!!)

Am very behind on all my shows, with the exceptions of 24 and BSG. (Detailed thinky thoughts on those at some point soon - bullet points are scribbed on a sheet of paper, just have to type them up!) My plans for a Saturday GL marathon were thwarted by my dad, who was working in the room where we have our computers set up. I could have done what I did on Friday night, plugged in my earphones and watched it with him in the room. Unfortunately, that was the ep where Coop died and poor Dad thought I was going mad as I sniffled behind him....

And now, I am going to go and search for match sticks to prop my eyes open with.....
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