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Happy Rookie Blue Day!!

Not gonna lie, I am very excited about the season 4 premiere (even though it will most likely be Friday evening again I get to see it!!)
There have been interviews popping up online with Tassie Cameron and different cast members which really make it sound like this is going to be a great season:

THR interview with Tassie Cameron

HuffPost interview with some of the cast

Travis Milne

Charlotte Sullivan

Obviously, they can't give too much away; but the stuff Charlotte and Travis say about their character arcs sounds really good - and at this stage, I'm anxious for some of the other cast to take centre stage and not have this be The Sam and Andy Show every week. (God knows tumblr is full of fans who just want RB to be Sam and Andy - I'm not one of them!!)

That's partially why I'm looking forward to seeing Sam with Marlo - we've never seen Sam with anyone other than Andy, so it'll be interesting to see that. (Not that I'm letting myself think Sam and Andy are anything other than Endgame - though I do think Tassie Cameron has a sin to answer for by actually saying that at the end of last season!)

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