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I need to update more often.....

But most of the time I feel like I've nothing to say!!! So here we go with a bullet point list to break the duck......

+ had an amazingly productive day at work; which may have had something to do with the fact that the EHS Manager, who I work closely with, was on a days annual leave, so I was able to get heaps done without him throwing more at me! (He's a delegator, but he fires so much stuff at me that when he asks why haven't I got (A) done, I have to reply "because you got me to do D, E, F and G after that! Full capacity here!!" Which is quite annoying. Especially when the guys on the team get swamped and I get some of their workload as well as my own. Grr)

+ Rookie Blue is back on Thursday!! I has All The Feels!!!!!

+ I have started watching Arrow. Holy Moly, why did no one tell me it was so good!! Already, I am multi-shipping like crazy (only watched up to ep 7, but am spoiled for the events of the finale..... not happy!!) The cast is awesome, with the exception of Katie Cassidy, who I'm sure is a lovely person but I think, acting wise, she is the weakest link there. And watching Paul Blackthorne play someone totally different to his usual sauve, debonair type is just a revelation (the accent!!)

+ Need to start posting my 100things list again. I have savagely been neglecting this.

+ Soap wise, I am in love with Elizabeth and AJ on GH. They are so smiley and pretty together!! (and I refuse to acknowledge that thing with Carly. It never happened!!)

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