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Holy Mary Mother of God!!!

Am filing this under "Holy Mary Mother of God, I can't believe GH managed to pull this one off!!

Robert Kelker-Kelly is back as Stavros Cassadine!!!!

I am it utterly stunned - partly because I'd read he retired from acting, and partly because his reputation isn't the best and I really thought GH was a bridge he had burned.  But bringing him back opens up so many stories - even if it is for a limited run of eps. I've already seen people on twitter hoping he's Sam's mysterious father; soap blogger Jamey Giddens thinks that a pairing between Luke's daughter and his biggest enemy would be awesome tv.

I'll be honest, I have no thoughts other than just looking forward to seeing what happens next! My inner Sam Fowler / Bo Brady fangirl is dancing!!!!

Thoughts anyone??
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