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Holy Moly, this has been a long week. I was in work on Thursday and couldn't believe that it was only Thursday; it felt like it should be next Wednesday!!

That said, work is good - crazy busy, but I have to say that I'm finding being in an open plan office is doing wonders for my productivity!! Am developing a nice project that will not only keep me nice and busy and give me something to stick my teeth into; but also has the potential to raise my profile in the company, so that's kind of exciting!

In other news, I bought a new car today! Current car is 3 years old, and once it hits 4 years old here it has to go for an NCT test every 2 years..... plus my dad is big on changing cars every 2-3 years so you get the maximum trade in value out of it..... And of course I brought him with me as he drives a very hard bargain (last time out he almost made the salesman cry!) so I wound up with a very nice deal! Should have it in 10-14 days - very excited!!

Is it wrong that I'm developing an interest in this years American Idol because Keith Urban is on the panel?

And because I just posted on leobrat's LJ about this - I am SERIOUSLY LOVING Elizabeth and AJ on General Hospital! They are so sparkly and awesome and displaying some serious chemistry - it's a real, old-fashioned slow burn of a romance (as opposed to the insta-romance we've become accustomed to seeing on GH!) and I am so enjoying it! (And crossing fingers and toes that the writers don't eff it up!)
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