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God, I suck at updating lately.

Lets start by saying office moves are hell. We've just relocated to a new office on site - just across the road from the old one, but when you're trying to move the guys of 100 people, plus phone lines plus IT systems plus a million other bits and bobs.... Well it's kinda stressful! It wouldn't be too bad if The Move was all you had to concentrate on, but you also have to do your normal job on top of all that! And of course, everyone thinks the thing they asked you to do us the only thing you have on your plate and they can't wrap their head around why it hasn't been done yet...

So yeah, lots of stress and no fun. Though our IT boffins swear it should have all settled down by tomorrow. Given their track record I remain to be convinced. 

Though the new offices are gorgeous. And CLEAN. 

And have a link, because this made me laugh out loud on a very shitty day: Ireland, A Translators Guide -

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